Leading Causes of Errors In Medical Interpretation

When it comes to medical interpretation, there is more than meets the eye. In this regard, medical interpretation goes far beyond interpretation ad decoding a message from one language to another. There are diverse technicalities involved in interpreting words from the patients. When interpreting, it is imperative to ensure that it is done correctly considering that the patient’s life is at stake. As such, there is need be accurate and consistent to avoid making any errors during the administration of medical services.

There need to exercise caution when interpreting medical terminologies is critical. Improper interpretation or translation errors result when some recommended in the interpretation process are not adhered to. As such, here are some of the major causes of interpretation errors.

Causes of Medical Errors

Cultural Beliefs

As much ojmkb2w5r25wdt62yd7u22ur diversity presents unmatched beauty in most social circles. It can be an impediment during the provision of medical services. For instance, during the provision of medical services, most health practitioners realize that cultural belief like those barring female doctors from attending to their male counterparts. In such instances, you should consider such cultural beliefs and act accordingly since they might end up causing avoidable errors.

Use of Family Members as Interpreters

Well, this happens when the patient feels that the cost of hiring a professional medical interpreter is too much for them. Well, we all know that as much as the family interpreter can be fluent in English, this is not an assurance that they understand medical terminologies. Notwithstanding, most untrained interpreters can be unable to interpret the message from the doctor to patient as well.

Use of Clinicians

There might be a clinician that understands the languages used by the patient and the doctor. In most instances, these individuals are tasked with interpreting the message even when they are not very fluent. With them, there is a high likelihood, particularly when it comes to understanding medical terms.

Areas jmkb2w5r52wt62y7du8u28where Medical Errors Occur

  • Emergencies
  • Medical reconciliation
  • Patient Discharge Reports
  • Filling Admission forms

Dealing With Interpretation Errors

Medical errors can be fatal. Therefore, it is imperative to devise an approach of eliminating the occurrence of such mistakes. As such, the stakeholders involved in the provision of medical services should strive to strengthen the provision of interpretation. It is advisable to have professional medical interpreters that can understand what the doctor or patient is saying and communicate the message to the recipient in the best way possible.…